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Creative Fields Forever

Posted by Aussie Trekkie, 21 February 2009 · 88 views

My Friends

The last week has been one of the scariest weeks yet one of the most exciting week of my life, five years ago i couldn't do an presentation without losing it in front of just a dozen kids (in Year 11 i crumbled in front of just six) but in the last week many people across the world tuned in online to internet radio station ETA (http://www.etagroup.com.au/radio) to hear my deliver a show.

Just to let you all know i am broadcasting at 7pm Queensland time every Wednesday and check my Facebook and MSN status in the event of impromptu broadcasts every other day of the week, also come on to the ETA chat room also located on the website i posted in the previous paragraph.

Now to the other important project of my life, the Hastings Primary 1992-98 documentary is coming to an end it is sad it will be incomplete but i will do a voice over and explain what i attempted to do and i hope people see how much care i put into it and i am hoping my good friend Pagen emails me some Browns Plains pictures so i can begin work on something that hopefully in the future will be equally filled with utmost care, respect and the other ingredients that was in my last adventure.

I also want to make a soap box car, i know it is "Old School" but i had a pedal car as a kid and i want to build and try out the previous generations version when they had no pedal power and it wasn't chain driven or metal suspension just tyres and wood with of course fabric and you steered by hands and feet down a hill what a thrill that would be.

I hope to see most of you online on Wednesday, don't forget to have Java installed on your computers and look out on Monday/Tuesday for any special broadcasts

Until next time, Be excellent to each other