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It's a wobbly day with a wobbly sky

Posted by Aussie Trekkie, 25 November 2008 · 118 views

Today's title comes from the opening song on side 2 of the Young Talent Time album, though i feel a little wobbly from getting out of bed a before properly awake have a little headache but that's not a major problem for now

There's nothing really interesting in the forum at the moment or outside my house, the weather is dreadful again but can't complain because our water levels are just getting better and better they now sit at 45% which is way better than the 30% mark we started the year at means instead of getting 140 litres a day to use we can now use 170 litres even though most people in the state are still using under the old 140 mark

Yesterday i unveiled to family and friends my first serious iMovie attempt, i went through the few hours of 1986 to 2008 video that was stored on VHS, VCD or DVD and through several hundred photos photos to create a six minute movie to the Nutcracker Suite originally it was to be the Beatles song Helter Skelter but the song was two minutes too short and i needed more space to comfortably add every member of my family and relatives as possible and i put it on Facebook for all relatives and friends to watch it and so far it has gotten good words from them which is a relief means what i come up with next won't be horribly met it is a shame my Sci-Fi film project idea wasn't the first one but now i know that i can edit things and make good titles and do whatever is needed to be done as we do things with better lengths etc

So on we go into another project, the planning out phase and then seeing if it works then get one of my folks to sample what's on offer and then publish it to friends and family, oh what fun these next few days will be

Good luck AT...I know youre' going to do great!
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