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Epic Fail!

Posted by Kirok, 01 May 2010 · 74 views

Third year in a row!

SOUND: Scream of aircraft engines coming in from the distance -- rising to crescendo -- Massive explosion -- Clatter and clang as steel debris impacts around the mike

Ah well! It was well worth doing. I made a major dent in my continuing project, Star Trek: Twelfth Night 2010. I'm very happy with the direction it is going but I'm starting to think seriously about the media that it should be produced in. Its not written for audio, it probably wouldn't even work as an animation (I was thinking of a machinima at one point) because I've come to realise that comedy really hinges on the delivery of the actors. On the other hand just publishing the script might not work because you will lose the actor's delivery as well.

Comedy is all about delivery. Think about it - would Pirates of the Caribbean have been as funny if anyone other than Johnny Depp had been Captain Jack Sparrow? A good actor can turn a commonplace script into something special but the best script in the world will crash and burn if it isn't delivered well.

So its either got to be a play, a video or... Nah! I couldn't do that, it would be a massive undertaking! Tempting thought, though... maybe if I... Is this thing still turned on? :blink:

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