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Dr. MD Inga?

Posted by Inga, 10 December 2006 · 52 views

Hi all, today is a really strange day, but till know I can't complain. This morning was, to say the least, a BIT stressful. Every year in christmas time we take our christmas card photo. Now since both my parents are photographers taking a photo is never an easy thing. This year was no exception. While our Sunday lunch was scorching slowly we took photos with my dad digicam. Normally we use an analog camera since my parents are no big fans of digital cameras. Anyway, hardly any pic we took looked strange. For example, I've always had the problem of shuting my eyes when the flash goes off so I normaly end up to have my eyes closed in pretty much every photo we take. Well this time it was a bit better :) Nevertheless taking the Christmas photo is a challenge, believe me. I will post a pic here that misshappend and luckily you can't see me ;) Posted Image The day went on and as every day, I took a nice long and fast walk with my mom. It was loveley outside and the forest has this special aroma these days. Wonderful!! We came back about 20 Minutes ago and my dad opened the door telling us that he had a visitor who left a present for me. And I tell you, that's the best christmas present I ever got. A wonderful friend of mine, back from school days and he is the most considerate person I know. We always meet on our monthly Trekdinner or for a nice trip to the next ice cream parlor. Now some time ago we talked about my application for a PhD position in ecological geology. Since the topic is about hormones and has a lot of medical stuff to know, I told my friend , out of fun, how cool it would be to wear a stethoscope all the time. Also I told him that I always wanted to have one anyway. So you can guess what the present is? Right! A stethoscope! There is something else with it but it's wraped and I think I won't open it befor christmas eve. Now, this was my day so far. I am lloking forward to the rest of it. Inga

Move over Dr. McCoy, Dr. Crusher. Dr. Pulaski, Dr. Bashir, Dr. EMH, Dr. Phlox...make way for DR. INGA!
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Now that you posted the mishappened pic without you in it, you are now obligated to share with us the one that makes the final cut for your Christmas card. biggrin.gif
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Maybe I will, Bill, maybe biggrin.gif
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Cool, our own little card from Deutschland, wunderbar! biggrin.gif
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