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Posted by Inga, 28 November 2006 · 81 views

Hi all, well, it's time again. I was, to say the least, a bit calmer with my blog entries lateley. That might be caused by my lack of time but it is majorly caused by my increasing lose of faith in TrekUnited. I am writing this blog today, although, as usual I don't expect a change for the better. It's always the same, all we get is a "we will take care of this" but nothing ever happens. Nevertheless I want to write down my thoughts about a PM I got this morning. Here is the line of the PM that got me angry, really angry: "I realize that there is a substantial disconnect between the global moderation staff and the sub-forum moderators such as yourselves, the international forums in particular." OK guys, that's a bit of a dumpy way to shift the blame!! Although my section has lost it's major amount of members, people still come to me and complain about the lack of response from global moderators, forum admins and the Exec. Staff. Sorry but that is really unproffesional. I have given up hope a long time ago that this communication problem will ever change but that the NC now are blamed for this problem is a big brazenness. Sure it's the easy way! You keep on bulding your tower of babel, and don't want to devide your energy to less interesting subjects. But this is one day going to cave in the tower. We down here at the basis get kicked with feet for working our ass off! Sorry but that is awkward. And to make things even worst the PM goes on: "I would like to ask that any time you perform a moderation task (say moving or deleting a post), please send me a PM with the details of who, what, where, when, and why." Are we in a Dictatorship? That is almost as if a member gets a warning for posting bad things and has to send every post to a moderator. That is a harassment and a threat to an already restricted and shortend independance. We can't do anything without asking TPTB for permission and then don't even get a reply. In the future, does every member have to ask a moderator or TPTB befor he or she can post something? That could mean a total control over all members, maybe that would be another "improvement" for your leadership! This new, absurd attempt of uniting TU will only divide us more. It is a segregation of international members. A discrimination par excellence. Now all this doesn't really affect me, you know. The on going lack of response from your side has chased out most of my team. There is not much to coordinate or moderate here. And the ones still left are just as stunned and sad as I am. Inga

Look, I'm not asking you to ask for permission before doing anything. I just want to be told when you've done something with moderation. That's it. Why you have to pull this kind of stunt instead of actually coming to me and adressing the problem is beyond me.
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Wow Inga, Hairs request was just to let him know about moderation actions.

Seemed like a simple enough request.

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Inga, I have to join with the others is saying you may have mis-understood Hair's intent. In a dictatorship there would be no checks and balances on the actions of the Admins or the Global Moderators. Being given the duties, responsiblities, and trust of our positions is not a carte blanche to dictate as we see fit. Myself, and everyone else here who has agreed to volunteer their services to maintain order and propriety, absolutely have to have their decisions subject to peer review. This ensures that all decisions made in regards to moderation are done so fairly and equally. The positions we have all been entrusted with carry great responsibility and none of us should ever be forced to bear that responsibility alone. The Admins, Global Moderators, and Sub-Forum Moderators are a team that works best when we all work together. Hair just needs to be able to understand why decisions have been made so that he may remain informed when the inevitable complaint reaches him about whatever incident we have had to deal with.

I honestly believe that were you not trusted or held in high regard that you would not have been afforded those responsibilities you have. Hair simply needs to have your side of the situation in order to back your decisions. This was never meant as a slight, or as an impeachment of your abilities. smile.gif
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Inga, just so you know.. Mark set it up so that the global mods report EVERY action on a daily basis what is going on and what they are doing. This is so that the admins (Bill and Derek) can stay on top of the communications that you claim are lacking on Trek United. Just so you are aware.. The global mods report DAILY on what they have done for the day.. They are trying to improve on communications on the forums overall. Keep in mind that we are pulling in 5 millions hits a month here. Communication is a bit hard as it is. When they do try and improve on them, you pop up thinking that you are being censored or something. That is not the case. That pm went out to ALL moderators.. not just you.. It is a way to better the global mods and the admins on what is going on on a daily basis.. So you are basically complaining about something that you have asking to happen.. Communication starts with each person in a specific area knowing what is going on so that the right hand knows what the left is doing.. Dictatorship? Not hardly.. communication EXACTLY..
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Ok guys, now I know I can be a pain in the ass, sometimes that's fine with me sometimes it isn't. Today I seem to have had something in my glas of milk. Right now I am a bit confused, to say the least. It was not my intention to hurt someone here I only wanted to speak my mind about something that was indeed bothering me. It might be caused by me not being a native speaker so I must have missunderstood the Pm I got. I still don't quite understand how informing you about deleting or moving a post can help to improve the communication between NC and Global moderators. It has been suggested I while ago that all staff could do chats which I think was a great idea. I got a PM from Rooster and was really please about the chat. Unfortunatly my mac, as many of you know, is too old for a majority of chats. I, nevertheless hope that we could do these chats some time soon cause they probably would help alot. But before that, can someone please explain the meaning of that PM to me? I really would like to understand it. I know that I sometimes act befor I start to think, which is not good. All I want is a good working community, I am not here to act up. Inga
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Inga, I think that you misunderstood the pm from Hair.. it was not meant that all members were going to be moderated. What he meant was that the moderator's needed to let Hair or Bill know if a post was closed or deleted. Again, this was NOT meant for the members but for the moderators... it serves a number of purposes.. The main one being if it is posted somewhere where all of the mod staff can see it and someone comes up asking what is going on, then the rest know already. This is the primary reason for it.

Let's say I delete a post and the rest of the mod team does not know about it and a member starts a thread complaining because his/her topic was deleted.. The only response that the other mods/global mods can make would be "Duh, I don't know". If you and ALL the other mods pm or post in the moderation topic "forum report" for that day.. then the others have a clue what is going on and can say.. You did this or that and Inga or ????? deleted that post for this reason..

So, not only does it NOT leave you being the only one to deal with it.. It also adds communication between the mods/global mods..

I realize the difference between languages and it can be a struggle at times and I think this was a misunderstanding in the way that it was taken..

You still have the right to DELETE or CLOSE whatever topics you deem necessary. The admins just want them and other mods to know so that well..... They Know too..

Nothing to do with being a dictator by any means.. it is a way of improving communication which is something you and others have been asking for. And your right.. you can be a pain in the ass sometimes.. but then again, we all can.. Just makes you human.


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Inga does have a point with the whole "we will take care of this" and nothing happens thing, though. People here try their best, but it seems that either things are disorganised and fall through the cracks or decisions get made that are never communicated back to people who brought this issue up.
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QUOTE(Sho'Dar @ Nov 28 2006, 08:29 PM)
Inga does have a point with the whole "we will take care of this" and nothing happens thing, though. People here try their best, but it seems that either things are disorganised and fall through the cracks or decisions get made that are never communicated back to people who brought this issue up.

Hey Shodar,

I agree.. I am guilty of it as well.. I have good intentions to follow through but sometimes the work load gets heavy and to be honest, I forget to follow through.. I am working on setting up a Help Desk of sorts now.. This way when someone submits a ticket, it goes to all of the staff and not just one person.. The ticket stays OPEN and in our face until someone answers it. I think this might help.. We will see what happens..but part of the problem here is that we are all volunteers here.. Sometimes work, daily life etc gets in the way of things.. Most of the important things are looked into.. if it is something not as pressing, then it gets pushed back and at times forgotten.. again, I am guilty of this as well. But we are trying to improve the communications problem in a number of ways..

If you have suggestions, I would love to hear them..


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I know this topic is a bit old, but I have an idea to solve the issue a bit: How about if there are not global, but partial moderators? Let's say one community moderator who just moderates the forums that have directly to do with community issues (crew lounge, global coordination and stuff), then maybe another one who's responsible for all Star Trek related topics (TV shows, movies), and another one for the rest of the TU forums. And then one who's just the head of those three partial mods (with global mod permissions) who stands between the admins and the partial mods. That only global mod is helping the three partial mods in their duties, and is to report to the admins if there is something going wrong.

~ Eris
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