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Thesis Paper

Posted by Inga, 01 March 2007 · 59 views

By Inga Köhler


Gotland, the largest of the Baltic Islands, is known for its abundance of fossils. A fossil, which is remarkable for its varied size and shape, is called “cat skulls” by the Gotlandish people (Eliason, 1999).

These fossils ar...

I am sorry.

Posted by Inga, 02 February 2007 · 78 views

Dear all,

I would like to say a few words to all of you. Yesterday I was, after months of waiting, able to pick up my Diplom Certification. I am absolutely not satisfied with my marks but I realize that I can be proud of the work that I did and I am proud of myself for what I have achieved in my life so far.
I am grateful to all of you for your support...

Have I made a mistake?

Posted by Inga, 09 January 2007 · 65 views

Hi everbody,

it's the new year but it starts out strange. I am not sure if it has something to do with the new forum stuff. Most of my PMs are not answered and the e-mails I send to some of you have not been answered aswell. Even in my favourit thread, that I won't be able to post in anymore, nobody seems to be interested in me. So I have to ask:...

My work

Posted by Inga, 12 December 2006 · 72 views

Hi all, I just wanted to start blogging about the stuff I do in real life. Since it's pretty late already I won't blog much today. Now some of you know that I am a Geologist and Palaeontologist. My area of expertise are about 430 million year old fossil sponges called Stromatoporoids. I wrote my diploma thesis about their growth banding. Therefo...

Dr. MD Inga?

Posted by Inga, 10 December 2006 · 53 views

Hi all, today is a really strange day, but till know I can't complain. This morning was, to say the least, a BIT stressful. Every year in christmas time we take our christmas card photo. Now since both my parents are photographers taking a photo is never an easy thing. This year was no exception. While our Sunday lunch was scorching slowly we took p...


Posted by Inga, 28 November 2006 · 82 views

Hi all, well, it's time again. I was, to say the least, a bit calmer with my blog entries lateley. That might be caused by my lack of time but it is majorly caused by my increasing lose of faith in TrekUnited. I am writing this blog today, although, as usual I don't expect a change for the better. It's always the same, all we get is a "...

better today

Posted by Inga, 07 November 2006 · 20 views

Hi guys, thanks to those of you who posted nice and absolutly correct comments to my last blog entry. I tried to eat the stuff today. I started off with a violation of the rules and drank my glas of milk since I just can't go without. Then at 1pm I made myself the noodles. It wasn't the fact that a portion was very small that shooked me it was th...

The tower of Babel

Posted by Inga, 31 October 2006 · 13 views

Ok Ladies and gentleman something has to happen and it's time for plain-talking. I got a PM today, well, probably everyone else got the same PM with a link to a newly opened torrent of hatred about Save Enterprise. I guess I was not the only one who is pissed by the stuff that is going on. First of all, I have to say that it always take two brawlers...

Where do we go from here?

Posted by Inga, 30 October 2006 · 20 views

Hey guys, sorry this time no update in my con report. I feel the urge to rant again. So brace yourselfs! There is a song that has been going around in my for quite a while now: Where do we go from here? It's from Evita and it perfectly fits our current situation. It would actually be a perfect question to ask. So let me ask: "Where do we g...

Con report part III

Posted by Inga, 29 October 2006 · 17 views

Hey guys, here is my third con report of our wonderful "Trip" to Utopia. Last time I stoped after the photo session with the actors. Later that day Connor had his panel and it was realy one of the best I've ever heard. He was refreshing, witty and often very glibly. There is actually one thing that I realy appreciate about Connor and that is...

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