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DD's Favorites: The Next Generation Edition

Posted by Disconnected Drone, 19 February 2010 · 330 views

Hi all!

So, I was browsing through my blog posts, and I realized that I had yet to write a post regarding The Next Generation, which is quite sad, as I first became a trekkie thanks to The Next Generation. So, here's my blog post about it. Sheesh, I don't know what I'm going to write about when this is finished...

Characters, characters, characters. I really like the Next Generation characters. It is hard to pick and choose who is my favorite; they all have pros and cons. My favorite 'main character' would have to be Commander William T. Riker. I don't really have a logical reason for liking him -apart from how he kicks butt all of the time. Oh, and I liked him better when he put on some weight and crew a beard. :upsidedown: My favorite guest star would have to be...Q! I'm sorry, but his character is just so addicting. I think Q was at his best during TNG.

Episodes...Hmmm. I have a small (very, very short) list of episodes that I liked in TNG. Don't get me wrong -it's a great show- but I didn't take the time to memorize all of the episode names.

  • Best of Both Worlds [Part 1]
  • Best of Both Worlds [Part 2]
  • The Child
  • Deja Q

Best of Both Worlds Parts 1 and 2 were just freakin' awesome. In a nut shell, Captain Picard gets assimilated by the Borg and becomes 'Locutus'. He blows up a whole bunch of stuff, does cool Borg things, etc...The episode is just a must see. The Child was also a great episode. In this episode, Deanna Troi becomes pregnant due to a life form that wants to learn more about Humans. She carries and gives birth to the baby in just 3 days. The kid grows really fast, and 'dies' within a week or so after knowing about Humans. There were some really cute scenes with Data in that episode...which is partly why I love it so much. Deja Q is an episode that I re-watch when I need some good laughs. Q is kicked out of the Continuum and is sent to the Enterprise without his powers. Humor follows. :naughty3dg:

All in all, The Next Generation was pretty darn good. The first two seasons were kind of hard to get into -but I really came to like it after they killed off Tasha Yar *shudders*. Ewww. I didn't like her one bit. And to think Data and her...*shudders again*.

Well, that's about it for the DD's Favorites section I had goin' on. I'm not quite sure what I'll do next...I might write about the newest movie, or something like that.

~Disconnected Drone~

Same condition is with me...
I also find it very hard to choose one of all the characters of next generation...
Waiting for more creationzzzzz.....
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