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DD's Favorites: The Original Series Edition

Posted by Disconnected Drone, 03 January 2004 · 83 views

Alright, so, it's time for a super long, rambling blog entry about The Original Series; my first Star Trek series to ever watch. This series is very crucial to my 'trekness', for it is what introduced me to Trek in general.

Let's start with the characters. Gosh, I can't even imagine trying to explain my favorite character on this one, so I'll just give my review on each main character, starting with the highest rank: Captain James T. Kirk. His character is a great one; and that's an understatement. William Shatner is a great actor ( :drool:) and I think he did a great job playing Kirk. The only thing that gets to me is that --sometimes-- Kirk...talksin...blockslike...this...which can often be annoying. Other than that, he's awesome. It's a tie between him and Captain Archer for my favorite captain ever; although, at this point, Kirk is winning because in Archer's time, there were no Prime Directives to break. However, Kirk knew that there was a Prime Directive, he knew what he should and shouldn't do, and yet he did it anyways. Spock; teh very first 'alien' to appear on Star Trek. Let's just make this quick and simple; Spock rules. Leonard Nimoy rules. Vulcans rule. Period. He's funny, he's 'logical', and he's adorable in most places (yeah, call me strange, but throwing soup at Nurse Chapel was the cutest thing I've ever seen Spock do). Dr. McCoy was also a great character; very cranky, very stubborn. My father has gotten into the habit of calling me DeForest all of the time, due to my natural crankiness and stubborn ways. :rofl1: Scotty was also a great character; not much background information given on him, but he was a great guy. 'Sides, I'm part Scottish (Okay, 2% Scottish...and 87% Irish) and really enjoyed hearing his accent. Sulu was also very neat; I really liked how they mixed the Enterprise crew with people from different cultures and countries. Sulu's voice is also very, very...well, seductive. Chekov...well, he wasn't my favorite character, although he was a great actor. I feel like they just added him in there to get more views --which is exactly why they added him. However, he added to the cultural mix that is the Enterprise crew, and he did a lot of good; not to mention he was one of the funnier characters. Uhura; I loved her. She was beautiful, she could sing, she was rather dramatic at times; she was just a great addition to the crew. Besides, I think that her being black (or colored, whichever you prefer) really was a neat thing to see; I know that in the 60's there was still a lot of issues with the racist things.

Moving on to episodes: my favorite episodes are probably the same as everyone else's.

*Amok Time
*Trouble with Tribbles
*Mirror, Mirror
*Space Seed

I had to narrow it down to four; I realized that my list of favorite TOS episodes was the same length as the episode guide to season 2. :nod: Amok Time, of course, is on the list because it mainly features Spock (and his pon farr). Like I said earlier, Spock threw soup at Nurse Chapel; which is something I find cute and hilarious. I love how Spock was rather 'out of character'. It was a nice episode, and wasn't very serious at all. Mirror, Mirror was another great episode; you just gotta love those alternate universes! It was interesting to see how TOS portrayed its mirror universe; and Spock looked freaking awesome with the beard thing. Trouble with Tribbles was also a light episode without much terrible action. I have this great picture of Kirk sitting in this pile of Tribbles, holding one up, and looking at it with this extremely cute/sad face. Let me see if I can find it...

Posted Image

There we go! It's been my screensaver for several weeks now; and I often get distracted from my work my closing the window down and staring at it. :D Moving on! Space Seed, as you all probably know, was the episode in which Khan was first introduced. I loved that episode because Khan is my favorite TOS villian. I loved how sinister, how completely evil he turned out to be. He was also very classy; I like classy.

Alas, it was so sad to listen to 'These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise, her 5 year mission...' and then only have it run for three years. Very sad, indeed.

Tune in later for the last post in the series 'DD's Favorites' to hear my thoughts on The Next Generation! After that, I'll probably be discussing the Next Generation film 'Generations'.

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