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DD's Favorites: Deep Space Nine Edition

Posted by Disconnected Drone, 01 January 2004 · 84 views

Hi guys!
For those of you who are faithfully following my blog (that would be Martok, who commented on my first blog post! :wave: ) I'm writing a Deep Space Nine review sort of blog post today.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, or any of its plots, locations, characters, ect...They all belong to Paramount. -sigh-

Alright, let's kick this off with some character evaluation, shall we? Deep Space Nine had a lot of characters; a lot of which were recurring guest stars (i.e Garak, Weyoun, Gul Dukat, ect...) Hence, I'll choose two of my favorite characters: one guest star, and one main character. My favorite main character is Dr. Julian Bashir. I found him to be funny, immature, and adorable. When the series first aired, Dr. Bashir was a rather immature boy, but by the time it ended, he had matured a great deal. Besides, who can deny a guy with an accent as cool as his? My favorite guest star...Hmmmm...It's a hard choice. I loved Garak. LOVED him. However, I also enjoyed Weyoun, and Gul Dukat. I'm going to say that Garak is my favorite; and Weyoun is my second favorite. Ironic; my favorite character killed my second favorite character. :err:

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Episodes, episodes, episodes. I can't think of the name right now, but I loved the series finale; I personally think it was the best series finale in all of Star Trek.
Cardassians was also a great episode, as was Dr. Bashir, I presume?. Yes, I do realize that all of my favorite episodes have Garak in them. So sue me!

I enjoyed how they really expanded Keiko, O'Brian, and Worf's characters. We were introduced to them in The Next Generation, but we really got to know them during DS9. I really liked that. Besides, everyone knows that Worf looks better in red than in gold. :lol:


Well, that's it! Next up: The Original Series!

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