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DD's Favorites: Enterprise Edition

Posted by Disconnected Drone, 27 December 2009 · 70 views

Hi all!
This is my second blog post; and it's pretty obvious what this entry is going to be about: ENTERPRISE! If you haven't read my first blog post about Voyager, I suggest you read that first.


Enterprise has some fantastic characters. Captain Archer and Trip Tucker are my favorites. Why? Well, Captain Archer is somewhat soft and sweet; very much unlike most Starfleet captains. He has a great sense of humor, and is not uptight like many Starfleet officers. He's a very emotional, touchy-feely man. Not at all a bad thing in my book. ^_^ Trip Tucker...Wow. I really don't have to explain that, now do I? :drools: He's also a very emotional person; the scene in 'Demons' in which Trip is in T'Pol's quarters, crying...very awesome. I'm also a huge Connor Trinneer fan! So, without furthur ado...

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Episodes...episodes...Enterprise is a difficult series for me to decide on favorites. Let me see if I can think of a few.

*Night In Sickbay
*In A Mirror, Darkly
A Night In Sickbay was a really cool episode featuring Archer, Porthos, and Phlox. It was humorous; something I love in Star Trek episodes. Phlox is such an interesting man when it comes to his night time rituals... :lol: In A Mirror, Darkly was an awesome episode because I'm fascinated with the alternate universe; and the episode was so...alternate...from what Enterprise really is. I was totally not suspecting the ending, in which Hoshi Sato has poisoned Captain Archer! Very unsuspected. Demons was just flat out sad. It was also the last 'real' episode of Enterprise. Featuring Trip, T'Pol and baby Elizabeth (who is by far the cutest baby EVER), this episode was saddening, and yet it showed Connor Trinneer and Jolene Blaylock at their best, I think.


Well, there's my review of Enterprise. It's definitely something I want to watch again. Next up: Deep Space 9!

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