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DD's Favorites; Voyager Edition

Posted by Disconnected Drone, 24 December 2009 · 113 views

Hi there,Welcome to my blog! I love to write --it's actually a HUGE hobby of mine-- and I figured I would start a blog so that all of you wonderful people could read about what I like, love, hate, ect... Of course, just because I love to write doesn't mean I'm very good at it; in fact, I've actually been told that I stink at it. However, that was in reviews for fan fics and stories; this is a blog, hence, I don't have to make up any characters or anything of the sort.For starters: I don't own Voyager or any of its characters, locations, plots, ect... Just thought I'd add a disclaimer before I continue. Voyager was the the 4th series of Trek that I watched. I must say, I really was sceptical about it; I had just finished watching DS9, and I was totally in love with it. I really didn't want to go from a space station in orbit around Bajor to the Delta Quadrant onboard a Starship that's trying to get back home. But by the third season, I was hooked. I think that it's a great series; it really does bring out the true 'exploration' of Trek. The character in Voyager are some of my all time favorites; they had one of the best casts I've ever seen. All of the characters are great, and it was hard for me to define my favorite. However, I think I've decided that I really liked Harry Kim. I mean, c'mon: he was smart, he was young and inexperienced, he had a great personality, and he was cute ( :naughty3dg: ). I also grew up in Korea, and even when I lived in America, I was exposed to a lot of Korean culture, so having a Korean character in Trek was really cool for me. And, just because (as I stated earlier) Harry Kim is just down right cute...Posted ImageVoyager had some great episodes. I must admit, there were a few that were kind of wishy-washy with me, but the good outnumbered the bad in this case. A few of my favorites are:
  • Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
  • Someone To Watch Over Me
  • Blood Fever
Even though the Doctor isn't my favorite character (although he was at the top of my list), all of the episodes he was in were great. Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy really gave a lot of insight into the Doctor's hopes, dreams, goals, ect... Besides, I absolutely love the little opera he did at the beginning. I love Robert Picardo's voice! Someone To Watch Over Me was a really awesome episode due to its Doctor/Seven relationship. Besides, you gotta admit; the Doc and Seven really had it going on during the 'You Are My Sunshine' duet! ^_^ Blood Fever was a really awesome episode for me because I love Vulcans, and since Vorik played a big part in that episode... :drool:! No, no. I liked it because it was the beginning of what turned out to be a beautiful relationship between B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris. They're such a cute couple!
Well, that's about it for my Voyager blog post! I'll be writing a blog post for ever series, and then move on to the movies. Next up: ENTERPRISE!~DD~

What say? I love "Star Trek:voyager". I too love episode: "Thinker tenir dictor spy", "Year of hell", "Cathexis", "Lirning curve". Seven of nine- butifol women.

Captain janeway-leader crew starship "Voyager". Doctor-my love personage in all series.
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Thank you for your comment, Martok! Glad to know someone out there is reading my blog. ^_^

Year of Hell was a great episode; it really made me think about a lot of things. It's not my favorite because I was confused a great deal of the time during that episode, but it is indeed a good episode.
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