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I've never met anyone quite like her... [censored]

Posted by Tmir, 20 February 2012 · 134 views

:censored: So, I've been feeling cooped up lately and freaked at the boyfriend ditching to hit a rave.
I get there, it's a short line, I meet a short chubby asian girl wearing fur down her knees, cropped gold top, fur vest, shiny gloves without fingers, she's from Ontario, then some guy asks me if I know some guy and I start chatting to his lady friend. She was super upbeat; I quickly find out that she's here to get laid because her boyfriend is in jail on suspicions of murder and that she's a stripper, but likes looking for her own prey. Girl is taller than me, blue hair, we get in, pay, check our coats, go outside to smoke, where I find out that she herself is on probation having just been out of jail for about a month now, her boyfriend is only finding out if he's going to be charged in august, that she's not likely to get caught out on probation because she lost her phone like a week ago and they haven't phoned her house yet (I'm thinking long weekend, they are likely to call) we dance, we move around, she leaves with the guy we met earlier in the lineup.
She was 19, she looked like she was in her later 20s and her teeth had visible cavities (druggie)... but she was the nicest person ever, she was upbeat the whole night, let me borrow her sweater and kept me company... let me bum some smokes off of her too, since I don't smoke regularly only when I'm out... which this was the first time in six month, so not bad.

But then I guess she reminds me of some of my friends and family members... nothing says white trash like jail and drugs.:censored:

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